About Oakmont Commercial, llc

Oakmont Commercial, LLC (OC) is a direct commercial real estate mortgage lender. We work with Commercial Mortgage Brokers throughout the country to get deals done. Our passion is helping small businesses succeed. We keep it simple: we lend money to small businesses throughout the country. Our specialty is understanding the unique challenges that small business owners face, and approving loans for people who may not be approved by local banks. We believe in the resiliency and work ethic of small business people throughout America. We enjoy listening to their stories, fully understanding their needs, and closing their loans with speed. We lend to good people, with good stories, on good real estate. It is that easy. We invite you to get in touch and experience the difference.

What We Do

Every deal has its own unique fingerprint; there is not a cookie cutter matrix available. While others hand out approvals that might fit a matrix, but later turn your clients request down, our approach to underwriting is hands on and upfront, providing meaningful terms. Since we are a small company, there is no “red tape” to get through. The decision-making is done quickly with a commonsense approach. With no FICO score minimum, long and short term options available, a national footprint, the speed you need to close fast and YSP available, brokers make more with Oakmont Commercial.

Program highlights include:

  • Loans Up to $2MM
  • Nationwide Footprint (*see states we serve)
  • No FICO Score Minimum
  • 30 Year Fixed and Short Term Options
  • YSP/Brokers Protected